Evita is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of High Street fashion clothing with over 20 years experience in the industry.

Our aim is simple – to design, create and manufacture the latest fashion garments using quality materials that deliver the best value for our wide range of customers.

We Deliver Solutions

We deliver complete, end-to-end solutions for today’s rapidly evolving fashion world. Within our business model we include the design, manufacture and distribution of all products from our company’s facilities across the world.

Our team of in-house designers based in the UK ensures continuity with a focus to create unique design. They contribute to a consistent design approach to set benchmark standards within the fashion industry. These designers exemplify the company’s values of quality, innovation and design.

“Commitment, investment, innovative
designs, attention to detail and quality.”

Our Philosophy

At Evita we are consistently and constantly pushing boundaries. Our philosophy is to create clothing products that standout and are made from the best quality. The company is focused and committed to providing the best service, quality and value possible for our many loyal clients. We are always reassessing and developing our products so we can continue to satisfy our client’s lifestyle requirements.